September 03, 2012

First Fashion's Night Out in Canada!

Yes you've heard it! Finally an event that all shopaholics across Canada can enjoy...mmm well, I correct, only cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal can enjoy. That's the sad part, not everyone will have access to a mayor city shopping spree and we can only hope that eventually other cities will join the FNO frenzy and until then let's enjoy what we have.
Last year I had the chance to be in Milan for FNO and it was so much fun. I can't wait to see how it will be like in Canada.
What to expect? Definitely dress up for the occasion! Everybody around you will be celebrating the same guilty pleasure... fashion and shopping!  If your credit card has been squeezed enough lately doing some serious window shopping will be the next best thing to do. Most retailers will offer discounts and that is something we cannot resist. 
What you need? Bring your friends, an awesome outfit and your credit card!

May 26, 2012

Toronto Zoo

 About a couple of weeks ago I went to Toronto to visit my friend Mauricio and we decided to go to the zoo. After taking the subway, then a train and finally a bus ride to Rouge Hill we finally arrive to Toronto's Zoo.
The place is huge, so be prepare to bring comfortable shoes and don't do like me, I wore the wrong shoes and I had to walk around with ridiculous socks and non-matching flats and for someone who's particularly obsessed with fashion and wearing the right shoes for every occasion this was definitely a crime.
Sorry I must warn you, I took A LOT of pictures to the cutes stars of the zoo, I wanted to post them all but I guess just a few is enough.
Look at this dude!

Before getting into some serious "monkey business"

My crime

We all nap the same way I guess

Obsessed with this picture! awww!

In case you are wondering which bus to take

May 10, 2012

Linda Cantello: A make-up artist star!

It was 10 o'clock in the morning and even though I was not running late my body was moving slower than usual, my brand new shoes were already mad at my feet for existing. My mind was definitely somewhere else ...repeating over and over again the questionnaire of the first serious interview ever! I knew Milan like the back of my hand but I still had my doubts in finding the address...somehow I found it.

Photographers and media where already inside so I guess I was a bit late. When I first came inside of  the famous Armani S.P.A (Italian version of Armani Inc.) I immediately forgot about my pile of shaky nerves and started enjoying the moment. Two seconds later I was already backstage greeting a very polite PR young lad (how british of me!) from L'Oreal Paris called Benjamin who directed me to Linda Cantello.

Before I begin I would like to tell you a little bit about this amazing make-up artist. She has worked with only the best in the industry, from A-list photographers like Richard Avedon and Mario Testino to top models like Gisele B√ľndchen and Kate Moss.
She was not always in the cosmetic business, her fine arts background was forced to be dropped after getting redundant from Sotherby's in the 70's so the economic problems in London are to thank for her drastic change of path to fashion and beauty.

I asked her about her thoughts on the controversy of "retouching" adds in post-production  which she replied  "it’s ridiculous that is why there is so many bad makeup artists because they are lazy... women are not stupid they don’t want to see that anymore they want to see real women... I did pictures of Kate Moss a couple of years ago and she was completely unretouched for New York Magazine, we did her as Marilyn Monroe and everyone was “Oh My God she is unretouched she’s amazing” and I thought she would set a trend coz she did it but it didn’t! I can’t believe people didn’t thing that was cool…"

The one and only Megan Fox was named the ambassador of Armani Cosmetics and I'm sure you've seen the ads in every department store around the world and you can't help but wonder about her ravishing beauty ... Is she for real? Is it photoshopped? that make up must be fake! well, this time is real and thanks not only for the model but for the make-up artist behind it. Why Megan Fox?: "I think Mr. Armani saw in her this old Hollywood Glamour and she’s become Armani ..."

Linda Cantello working on Megan Fox

Linda Cantello has become the Creative Director of Armani Cosmetics and even though she is very proud of all of the products she recommended me to try Rouge d'Armani lipstick and she mentioned the color red which I have tried and I'm obsessed!... also Eyes to Kill Mascara and Designer LIFT Foundation, this last one was designed for older women but the effect it has on everybody is amazing "it has a natural finish and it lifts everybody!" So that will do for me!

L'Oreal Labs are behind Armani Cosmetics and they are responsible for the fabulous technology applied to our beautiful faces, not that we need make-up but just for the fun of it right? "L’Oreal Labs are the most amazing cutting edge labs in the world. We have a couple of products coming out that are going to blow people away" .

At the end of my interview with Linda I left satisfied and content that I met her. My nerves were gone after the first few seconds of the interview, not only she is the best of what she does but also she is a very sweet lady with great professionalism. Mister Armani you are lucky to have her on board and I was lucky to have the privilege to talk to her. At the end of the interview, I was dying to ask her if she could do my make-up and make me look as gorgeous as Megan Fox,  a bit inappropriate? just a bit, I guess she is good but I don't think she is a  miracle worker.

Grazie for reading!

April 16, 2012

Window-Shopping in Las Vegas!

One of my guilty pleasures has always been doing a lot of "window-shopping" mainly due to the fact that not always you have a glamorous budget to hit the stores and go wild on your credit card, so what is the next best thing?... browse all you want at your favorite shop! The best part of my window-shopping is definitely admiring the "shop windows" or "displays".
Last Christmas I went to Las Vegas with my family where I ran into all the luxury brands I've been obsessed about since I can remember. From the opulent boutiques that carry the most expensive objects of affection like Alexander McQueen at the Wynn , Chanel at the Bellagio or Salvatore Ferragamo at the Palazzo  to the exquisite comfort of finding all at once at Caesar's Palace Forum Shops you will definitely come back home with a good amount of debt or a dry mouth after all that drooling over the unreachable merchandise.
 I couldn't help myself stop in every single shop window. Whatever wildest shopping dream I had at that moment I fulfilled it with the pleasure of observing such displays!

LOL! that guys was having a blast while shoe-shopping.

April 15, 2012

Go Spurs Go!

Every time I have the chance to attend to a NBA game my practically non-existent sporty cheerful spirit gets a kick of adrenaline rush and automatically I start enjoying the world of a sports fanatic. I must confess that I usually want to strangle some of these fanatics while they yell at the screen when their teams are playing regardless of the sport, it annoys the heck out of me specially when you have them screaming who-knows-what sporty language right next to me, get a hold on yourself people! they can't hear you!!! Anyhow, I do transform myself just a little bit when I go to a live game. I have chosen the Spurs of San Antonio as my favorite team not only for its numerous championships and talent but also for the love of the city that once was my home.
Thanks to my friend Moc, I had the privilege to enjoy the game at one of the Terrace Suites where you not only have a great view but also have your own complimentary food and beverage service, private bathrooms, TV screens and a "living room" area which at the end it gets really hard to leave... now I don't think I will be able to enjoy the games in any other seats, except for the court side ones ;) !

And of course the Spurs won against Indiana!