January 28, 2012

Another virtual vice!

One of the things that I enjoy the most while navigating on the web is definitely the visuals. Every single photograph I see I wish I had in one single album that I can go back to and enjoy while looking for some inspiration or simply collect them.
I found the perfect place to do that! It is called Pinterest and I must admit has become another addiction of mine where I can relax and go through many images that other users share on the site. Depending on your interest you can create your own different collections of visuals that attract you and pin them on your account. Very simple idea that gives me a photo-therapy at the end of my day, check it out!

Armani Prive a Reptile Chic!

Soft reptile prints are the main focus on this spring/summer 2012 collection where different shades of green colored most of Mr. Armani's designs. My favorite items at this collection were the stylish blazers with sophisticated shoulder lines and the beautiful accessories. What I didn't like were some of the one shoulder pieces, they were lacking the sophistication that the rest of the collection had but over all Giorgio Armani Prive was a chic feminine line. 

Photo: Courtesy of Armani

January 25, 2012

Chanel...All board!!

My Karl Lagerfeld obsession has a reason, he is simply the best in everything he does. Another fabulous concept for a fashion show, this time the runway was an airplane! Where does he get this simple yet brilliant ideas?
At this Haute Couture SS12 Collection we can find beautiful retro dresses filled with sparkling sequins in different shapes of blue, reminding you of a breezy summer sky.

Photo Courtesy of Chanel News

January 24, 2012

It's all about the collar...

Our childish dream has come true, we are finally in Neverland! At least when it comes to fashion. I am talking about the Peter Pan Collar.
I remember that a year ago when I first started wearing it, some friends made fun of me saying that I looked like a nerdy doll...a year later who's wearing too? Anyways, wearing Peter Pan collars or out of the ordinary collars with chunky embellishments it's been my obsession for quite a while.
My favorite ones are the detachable or add on collars which is a HUGE trend that can easily be worn with sweaters, t-shirts or any other top. Depending on your own style and personality you can chose from a different variety: beaded, sequined, embroidered, laced, fury...you choose! And if you can find it then DIY...

Argentina + Fashion = Fabian Zitta

While browsing through many fashion show slides last weekend I bumped into a very talented Argentinean designer, usually I get distracted by the super powers of the "super designers" such as Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana but if you look around at your local "fashion week" you will be surprised to find amazing new talents showing a refreshing taste in fashion.
Fabian Zitta is not only a fashion designer he is a doctor as well. Since 2004 Zitta Costura has shared  its unique "demi-couture" style with a classic retro line with a perfect Avant Garde touch. What does this really mean? Just like the french fashion terms "Haute-couture" (High Sewing) or the very famous "Prêt-á-porter" (Ready to Wear), "Demi-Couture" (Half Sewing) is a mixture of custom made with ready to wear garments, making his designs a 75% machine and 25% hand made.
His collections have been in Cibeles (Spain), Moscow Fashion Week, Argentinian Fashion Week in Panama and a showroom in Brazil,  Buenos Aires Runway and for the first time in 2010 he had the opportunity to participate in New York Fashion Week SS10. Have a look!

January 18, 2012

Giambattista Valli an Italian Parisian

A world-renowned Italian designer based in Paris recently joined the "accesible collection's club" and collaborated with Impulse for Macy's where he featured bold prints and bright colors mainly for party dresses. I absolutely could not resist and got myself a lovely sample of this collection.
Giambattista Valli has recently presented his pre-fall collection 2012 where colors black, red, burgundy and animal prints were the main characters in this collection. Very conservative and classy cuts predominated the runway and if you thought Fur was very much last year, think again...it is here to stay for another season, GBV is using this fury trend with big tri-colour coats.
And last but not least, this wonderful designer also has a beautiful elegant wedding collection that should be on the radar for all soon to be brides.
Giambattista Valli's words:

"... I just love to live and work right now. To live too much in the future is the same as living too much in the past..." Vogue USA

"Je travaille dans l'enthousiame, la passion et la joie, trois messages que je veux apporter jusqu'au dernier centimetre du tissu..." Vogue France ("I work with enthusiasm, passion and joy, three messages that I want to bring to the last centimeter of fabric....")

"L'arte mi attira sopratutto quando non la capisco..." Marie Claire Italy ("Art seduces me when I do not understand it...")

Photo: Courtesy of Giambattista Valli

January 15, 2012

Living Milan Fashion Week

Divine! That is how it felt being in Milan for my first Fashion Week there, I can only imagine how Paris could feel like... at least for now.

Last September was surprisingly hot in Italy and Fashion Week was not the exception, you could easily bump into someone either famous or beautiful getting ready to attend to a fashion show invitation. Washed faced or ready to pose models were in every metro station and in every well-known street making you feel excited about their "day's job".

While I was in the "Metropolitana" (metro/subway) I could not stop thinking about my favorite fashion icons like Carine Roitfeld, Anna dello Russo, Anna Wintour...Will they be there? Could I finally meet them? or should I say, Are we going to be at least at the same place at the same time breathing the same recycled air of the venue?... that would have been enough for me.
When I got to the show's destination, I was too excited to notice and I couldn't care less about the painful blisters that my new shoes did to my poor little toes I only wanted to be inside and get soaked in the moment.
Once you are in is a bit overwhelming, flashing lights, slow moving crowds, celebrities being interviewed and some wanting to have a pick, good looking people perfectly dressed, others not so much (I understand running around Milan in heels is crazy but wearing ugly shoes and ugly outfits to a fashion show is a crime.. hello!!! My bleeding blister!) Where was I? Oh I remember, finding your seat was a nightmare specially if you are already late.. I correct...fashionably late due to the fact I was scanning and memorizing everything and everybody.
I was lucky enough to see quite closely some of my previously mentioned fashion icons. For instance, if I always felt inspired by Anna Dello Russo now I love her even more, she is a free spirited woman doing her thing wonderfully. I remember how she arrived DANCING to ETRO's fashion show at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Via Piranesi wearing a colorful pink dress with a blue bow belt, I simply loved her! I also spotted a couple of fashion fellow bloggers that I follow and enjoy reading like Bryan Boy and Chiara Ferragni.

When the lights went out and the music started I felt like I was about to open my Christmas presents when I was little. The show only lasted 15 minutes or so but honestly it felt three minutes, I was too busy trying to spot some celebrities, observing every person in front row, then go back to the runway and focus on the models and the details on every single outfit, also thinking "that will look amazing on me...oh oh that not so much" then when I least expected the show was over and then the famous designer comes out briefly to greet us. Really that was it??? C'mon make it last an hour!!!! I guess the greatest moments are the shortest, right?

Photos by The Lovely Vice

January 06, 2012


There is one word to describe it... BREATHLESS! I am a HUGE fan of all the Cirque Du Soleil productions and by far this show ranks in my top 3.
Jamie King , one of the most influential talents in the music industry is behind it, he wrote and directed this incredible project  with the help of the best choreographers, musicians, stage designers and acrobats of the business.
In two hours Cirque Du Soleil transports you into the inspirational creativity of the King of Pop, from a storytelling narrative the audience merges into a powerful performance filled with explosive acrobatics, music, costumes and messages of love, nature and dreams.
Life music, impressive staging, amazing performances and unforgettable songs made this show one of the best shows out there, if not the best.
Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour premiered  last December in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, where I had the chance to enjoy and for the next seven months it will be on tour in the United States and Canada until the beginning of August 2012.
If for some reason you can't see the show during its tour, the permanent show will be back in Vegas in 2013 perhaps with some changes and that I will have to find out.
Get your tickets !

Pictures Courtesy of Cirque du soleil

January 05, 2012

My Deja vu Resolutions

 Every year I keep coming up with the same old ground braking resolutions:

1. Losing those extra pounds accumulated over the holidays that you've also carried out from last year,
2. Pursuit that dream job, no more crappy or hated jobs that pay the bills,
3. Hopefully find your prince charming, the last one was only the Prince of Jerx...so next!
4. Keep travelling,
5. Become a healthier version of me, this one has a list inside the list:
    a) Hit the gym!!!
    b) Eat organic food...regular food seems to get you a not so nice muffin top,
    c) Quit the junk, remember that you are what you eat...don't want to be junk food!!!
    d) Try to become a little bit vegan, poor animals! in my case is soooooooo difficult, I'm Mexican...Me gustan los tacos!
6. And last but not least, own every single item on my wish list.

So this time I am not going to kid myself, I will be honest from the beginning and just take every week and every month as it comes and live it like it is the last one of my existence, without exaggerating I guess. Sometimes big expectations bring you down when you can't control the future. SO BRING IT ON 2012!!!