January 05, 2012

My Deja vu Resolutions

 Every year I keep coming up with the same old ground braking resolutions:

1. Losing those extra pounds accumulated over the holidays that you've also carried out from last year,
2. Pursuit that dream job, no more crappy or hated jobs that pay the bills,
3. Hopefully find your prince charming, the last one was only the Prince of Jerx...so next!
4. Keep travelling,
5. Become a healthier version of me, this one has a list inside the list:
    a) Hit the gym!!!
    b) Eat organic food...regular food seems to get you a not so nice muffin top,
    c) Quit the junk, remember that you are what you eat...don't want to be junk food!!!
    d) Try to become a little bit vegan, poor animals! in my case is soooooooo difficult, I'm Mexican...Me gustan los tacos!
6. And last but not least, own every single item on my wish list.

So this time I am not going to kid myself, I will be honest from the beginning and just take every week and every month as it comes and live it like it is the last one of my existence, without exaggerating I guess. Sometimes big expectations bring you down when you can't control the future. SO BRING IT ON 2012!!!

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