October 27, 2011

Are leggins the new Jeans?

At least for me they are. Not only leggins are way more comfortable than jeans, but they are also very flattering on every shape. I must admit I am very infatuated by them, I've been wearing them for years and for every occasion, you can't go wrong with them. My favourite combination by far is when I wear them with a blazer, just put on a t-shirt and a pair of fabulous pumps (remember not to match everything all the time!) and you are done looking slimmer  and very fashionable without sacrificing comfort or style.

October 26, 2011

How about a pedicure!!

I am all excited to come to my Yoga class, I  can't wait to jump from the treadmill to the classroom. I look around and I see only one brave man ready to start and mostly 20 or 30 something women. This time is not crowded so I choose where to stand. My yoga instructor is a hot brazilian but he is gay! anyways, right infront of me there is one lady, let's say "with a bit of junk in the trunck" . The class starts, we strech and what is my surprise...the lady has the most horrible feet that I've ever seen!!! whyyyy???
Ladys and gentlemen who attend yoga, pilates and all these bare feet classes in the world, PLEASE take care of your feet, I encourage you to try having a nice pedicure at your local mall and enjoy the benefits that this practice can give you, if there is not enough budget...DO IT YOURSELF! IT'S FREEEEE! xoxo

Hot or Cold?

Definitely COLD! I had a very long summer and I must say I did not enjoy it. First I was in Mexico where you have two seasons all at once. Spring and Summer have the same temperatures, so if you are planning to have an early summer vacation with a great weather Mexico is the place to be! The weather is always between 27 and 32 degrees C and the best part is that is cheaper!!! Low season can be a friend for your pocket and it won't be crowded, this is something I really appreciate specially if you go out to the beach and want to relax. Who likes to take sun arm to arm with a complete stranger who might resemble you the most wanted child molester in the country or have right in front of you the girl with the greatest body with no cellulite, no stretchmarks that automatically you start hating because your boyfriend won't stop staring?
Then I went to Canada and experience hell on earth... hard to believe, right? Specially when hell is not prepared with an AC!!! We had 47 degrees.....just by thinking about it I start melting. Next time I will make sure I have the best cooling system in the world!
For the last part of my summer I was in Italy. Thirty something degrees with no AC, humidity 100% or so it felt until the beginning of October!!!!! Again, I had the misfortune to experience another record! Just my luck...

October 25, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog...

Well, I guess the answer is to blog! I have always thought that talking about what's in your head helps you have a peace of mind, but not always, sometimes you don't feel too comfortable talking about the stupidiest thing that crosses your mind so why not write about absolutely everything that goes on in your mind. In my case, I'd rather write about my multiple travels and the things I see, the restaurants I love and why not, my secret passion... La Moda, La Mode, Fashion!
By browsing the web, or in other words, killing time infront of a computer, I have noticed that "blogging" and "bloggers" is getting more and more popular, and people are not as scared or as misinformed as before. A few years back I remember I started one, but for some reason, mainly not having time for it, I stopped doing it. But now I think is the most therepeutic thing you can do and won't cost you a dime! although shopping is still and it will always be the best therapy for most of us women. So what you think is better, talking with a friend, going to your therapist , write it out or shop it out?