January 15, 2012

Living Milan Fashion Week

Divine! That is how it felt being in Milan for my first Fashion Week there, I can only imagine how Paris could feel like... at least for now.

Last September was surprisingly hot in Italy and Fashion Week was not the exception, you could easily bump into someone either famous or beautiful getting ready to attend to a fashion show invitation. Washed faced or ready to pose models were in every metro station and in every well-known street making you feel excited about their "day's job".

While I was in the "Metropolitana" (metro/subway) I could not stop thinking about my favorite fashion icons like Carine Roitfeld, Anna dello Russo, Anna Wintour...Will they be there? Could I finally meet them? or should I say, Are we going to be at least at the same place at the same time breathing the same recycled air of the venue?... that would have been enough for me.
When I got to the show's destination, I was too excited to notice and I couldn't care less about the painful blisters that my new shoes did to my poor little toes I only wanted to be inside and get soaked in the moment.
Once you are in is a bit overwhelming, flashing lights, slow moving crowds, celebrities being interviewed and some wanting to have a pick, good looking people perfectly dressed, others not so much (I understand running around Milan in heels is crazy but wearing ugly shoes and ugly outfits to a fashion show is a crime.. hello!!! My bleeding blister!) Where was I? Oh I remember, finding your seat was a nightmare specially if you are already late.. I correct...fashionably late due to the fact I was scanning and memorizing everything and everybody.
I was lucky enough to see quite closely some of my previously mentioned fashion icons. For instance, if I always felt inspired by Anna Dello Russo now I love her even more, she is a free spirited woman doing her thing wonderfully. I remember how she arrived DANCING to ETRO's fashion show at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Via Piranesi wearing a colorful pink dress with a blue bow belt, I simply loved her! I also spotted a couple of fashion fellow bloggers that I follow and enjoy reading like Bryan Boy and Chiara Ferragni.

When the lights went out and the music started I felt like I was about to open my Christmas presents when I was little. The show only lasted 15 minutes or so but honestly it felt three minutes, I was too busy trying to spot some celebrities, observing every person in front row, then go back to the runway and focus on the models and the details on every single outfit, also thinking "that will look amazing on me...oh oh that not so much" then when I least expected the show was over and then the famous designer comes out briefly to greet us. Really that was it??? C'mon make it last an hour!!!! I guess the greatest moments are the shortest, right?

Photos by The Lovely Vice

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