December 09, 2011

The Vice of Movies

This vice plays with your emotions, it makes you cry, makes you laugh and scares the bleep out of you. There is something about making a movie night out that keeps you coming back for more even if you have to pay 9 euros (Italy), $11.95 (Canadian Dollars), $9 (US Dollar) and thank GOD $50 (Mexican Pesos = about $3.80 USD) plus all the good stuff for the tummy!!!
I need to confess my little tacky secret...I am a food and beverage smuggler! Half of me says," who cares!!! no one will notice the opening of my canned soda with the noise of the movie" but the other half is mortified when my boyfriend makes so much noise with the bag of Doritos. Yes it is very very tacky but I love planning what will we smuggle the day before and go wild on our junk food cravings of the week. I sincerely apologize to all the movie theaters I've been, I do sometimes purchase food there but it is way more fun my way!
No matter who you go with this is a vice that will indulge your eyes, your brain, your perspective and your sweet tooth! VIVA LAS MOVIES!

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